Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polar Express

This past Christmas my sister in law Heidi invited us down to this "polar express" with her and her family. Her neighbors have this train that goes around their house and a few other houses and yards of their neighbors. It is a small train that you sit on these little seats, it is amazing, but so cool! Anyway they take you on this little ride and have Christmas themed displays and stuff. You then go see Santa at the north pole and he shares a spiritual message and the kids sit on his lap and he gives them a spiritual gift. After leaving the north pole you go on a ride with scenes from Christ's life and birth with the most amazing Christmas, spiritual music. Thanks Heidi, this really got us in the Christmas spirit!

This will probably be the only pic I will ever get of Kennady on Santa's lap! She does not like him, but for some reason she didn't mind this Santa??

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


For halloween this year Kennady wanted to be Princess Aurora, she wanted Ty to be prince Phillip, and me to be Maleficent (the evil witch)!! haha. I wonder what she is trying to tell me! Well I found a costume for me, and Kennady already had her princess dress from Disneyland, so we had to outfit Ty! He was such a good sport, we tried to make him look like Prince Phillip with what we had at our house, so he ended up in my old pregnant velour outfit, an old brown sweater, and my boots! haha!! The Low's have an annual halloween party every year, and it is so much fun, everyone dresses up (well the kids, and some adults :)) Then we eat crazy looking food, and play games. It is so fun we love it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ragnar Relay- Las Vegas 2010

This crazy clown loved Caitlin!!

The 3 blonde black shirt crew!! Our refelctive gear at night

Go Kevin!! He was so fast!!

Cameron we made it on time!

Jersey Shore boys!
Fist pumping to the finish!

Cute Ang!!

Our fun girl van!!

Well this past October my sister Chelsey has a Ragnar team that she did Salt Lake with, but they had a few girls drop out for Las Vegas so she asked me and Ang to do this with her! For those of you that don't know what a Ragnar is it is where you run for 192 miles in a relay team of 12 people. We had 2 vans, a girl van and a boy van. You sleep in your van for 2 days and eat out of it too, it is crazy, but sooo fun! The girls we went with are amazing and we all were like best friends when we got done! We were not given a lot of time to train, but we ended up having a blast!!! We went to St. George Thursday night to sleep at Ty's parents house, and we met the rest of our team there! No better way to get to know each other than to play "Flick" a game with the pool table that when you get out you flick each other in the forehead! Hilarious! Kevin had no mercy on anyone!! Then Friday morning we got up early us girls we were van 1, and so we had to be in Vegas at 7:00am. We got a little lost driving down this scary road in the dark! But we found our check in point and we were off! We finished the race, not sure what our time was, but we finished!! By the end we were so tired our last legs we got a little hyper and delirous I think a little bit but our car was so hyper and we were dancing all over like crazy people! Oh the good old fist pump!! We also heard a rumor that the boy van was no different, at one point I think someone was yelling "F Ragnar!!" haha. Our goal was when we would see someone walking that we would cheer for them to get them to run, it was so fun! Sometimes we wished other vans would do that for us :) Thanks for the memories Dragins!!! Here comes quite a few pics!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disneyland Picture overload!!

Here are a bunch of pics from Disneyland. Sorry picture overload, but we had so many! This was the best trip we have ever been on! We will remember this forever!

Waiting for the World of Color to start, snacking on the best sourdough bread!! And it is so cute!

Waiting for the Pixar parade to start! This was the best parade!

Showing off our muscles to Lightning!

Princess Tiana

Kennady LOVED the roller coaster!

Toon Town

At Dinner with our little family


haha this picture needs no words!


Ty with his favorite princess Belle! I look a lot like her huh?? :)


Princess Aurora
Snow White


Ariel's Gratto for breakfast

After the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!

Final Touches...

Princess Kennady and her fairy godmother!

Heaven for little girls!

Day 2
Successful day 1!!

Paradise Hotel

Our photographer!

My hot hubby:)

Pirates here we come!

Too tired to wake up for Celebrate parade..it's ok Kennady it wasn't that good!

Out cold, but princesses in hand tight!

Listening and watching Cinderella tell her story

Kennady was a little afraid of Buzz, and apparently Cheryl is too :)

I love princesses too!

Sleeping Beauty

Right when we walked into Disneyland we saw our favorite princess!!! Kennady was so excited, so was I, I don't know who was screaming louder :)