Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polar Express

This past Christmas my sister in law Heidi invited us down to this "polar express" with her and her family. Her neighbors have this train that goes around their house and a few other houses and yards of their neighbors. It is a small train that you sit on these little seats, it is amazing, but so cool! Anyway they take you on this little ride and have Christmas themed displays and stuff. You then go see Santa at the north pole and he shares a spiritual message and the kids sit on his lap and he gives them a spiritual gift. After leaving the north pole you go on a ride with scenes from Christ's life and birth with the most amazing Christmas, spiritual music. Thanks Heidi, this really got us in the Christmas spirit!

This will probably be the only pic I will ever get of Kennady on Santa's lap! She does not like him, but for some reason she didn't mind this Santa??

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